Manic Monday – FREE coaching today with Pro Coach Jaysen

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It’s easy! Simply click the link in the right-hand column that says, “Consult with me Online”! When you go to chat with me online, you will be prompted for credit card information, which is for age verification. I will not charge you a dime.

Why am I offering free coaching sessions? Because I am available regardless of earning money, and would like to help those who need or want it. Money is tight for just about everyone. I also love what I do, and setting aside one day a week for free sessions is reasonable to me.

So, whether it is you, a family member, or friend, please feel free to take me up on this offer. Again, there is no charge! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, like peace of mind!

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Means of Communication

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Post written by Jaysen Elliott. Follow me on Twitter.

Means of communication is a personal choice, and that choice is to be exercised by you, and respected by others. With so many options, it is easy to become engulfed in a plethora of mediums, and seemingly addictive. From mobile phones to social networking sites, and everything in between, it gets a bit overwhelming, all in the name of “being connected”. Is that really a good thing? (No.)

Paring down the methods we use to communicate may seem like an insane task, but when one sits down and think about it, one quickly realizes the choice is theirs, and often that feeling is empowering enough to incite immediate change. When doing so, recognize that you can communicate on your own terms, which includes when and how. Of course attempting the smoke-signal route might prove daunting, so be realistic.

For those who choose to live simply, communication is typically the simple and efficient exchange of information, and not lengthy verbal discourse. Text messaging for me is ideal, as I can send and receive information quickly, concisely, and intentionally.

Email correspondence seems like a chore, although to do almost anything online these days, we must submit an address to establish identity and whatnot. Similar to a post by Leo Babauta on Zen Habits, I may attempt ditching the inbox! – I can think of many other creative things I could be doing other than sifting through email, no matter how streamlined a process I have in place.

Some prefer to Twitter back and forth, taking advantage of fairly instant communication via Direct Messaging, and the limitation of 140 characters, curbing any possibility of an endless message. I still lean toward text messaging over Twitter, as I prefer not to be tied to a computer for the sake of communicating, and not be forced into having a smartphone that can handle a Twitter app.

So with all the methods of communication out there, text messaging is my number one. I still use Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace via Tweetdeck for marketing purposes, but not for communication.

Gotta love it. Communication simplified to one medium. Awesome.

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The Wind of Change

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Post written by Jaysen Elliott. Follow me on Twitter.

I was taking a nap this afternoon, and during a twilight moment, I was aware of my subconscious ramblings…

My creativity had once again gotten the better of me, and I was informed by my mind’s internal rant that my posts were not  nearly as relative to my core belief as I was attempting to portray.

So, without further adieu, welcome to my true inspiration: simple living.


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In Simple Terms – Losing Track of Mondays

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In Simple Terms – Posts under this category are ideas on how one might live more simply, with the concept of, “do less, live more”.

In my own quest for a simpler life, I have had random epiphanies (I suppose epiphanies by nature are indeed “random”), that toss me into a mental salad spinner. At some point I just have to sit down and think, “wow”.

While I have had tremendous success simplifying my life with the guidance from posts by Leo Babauta and Jonathan Mead (my top two favorites), I admittedly tend to be an extremist. My latest extreme notion is, “why do I need to know the day of the week?” – Afterall, isn’t it just additional clutter?

The thought of dis-owning days of the week came to me as I took time off from absolutely everything, and had completely forgotten what day it was… what the date was… and my only concern was satiating hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

I still see the use for a “to-do list”, as a way to relieve mental notation of things we want to do, and dates would also be useful for things such as a birthday reminder… But days of the week? I think I’m done with them. They are, for now, irrelevant.

Having read a recent post on Illuminated Mind by Jonathan Mead, Jonathan portrays in his e-book, “The Zero Hour Work Week“, that when we are doing what we love, work and play become one, and he is correct.

The concept of relegating days of the week to one’s past will not work for everyone… but then you might ask yourself, “Could it work for me?” – At this point in my existence, days of the week are a thing of the past. I will make note of dates (and times if I must), but that’s all to which I am willing to commit.

Thanks for reading.


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Double Exposure –

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Double Exposure – Posts under this category are posts published by other authors on their blogs that I want to share with you, with of course a little commentary!

Living Simply is the True Test of Confidence
Post written by Sara

“Is there someone in your life who seems to handle things in stride, even when everyone else is jumping out of their skin?  That person is not me.  But I have tremendous respect for those folks, and have dreams of one day being that calm and collected.

Day to day drama can erupt around you on…”

Read the full post here.

In the third segment of this post, Sara hits on a point that is a cornerstone of the “simple” community. I was further inspired to publish my own post after reading one particular comment by one of Sara’s readers.

Excuses and the incessant questioning of one’s choice have become not only rampant, but expected! To be candid, they are simply an inefficient use of time.

While many of us are actively practicing the art of “yes and no”, it is remarkable how effective these two words are, and it is presumptuous for anyone to challenge our choice.

The only consolation I can offer is an added level of politeness.

“Yes, please.”

“No, thank you.”

Thanks for reading.


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In Session – Coaching is for Everyone

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In Session – Posts under this category are for sharing with you my adventures as a coach in personal and professional development.

I often am asked the question, “Well, who needs a coach?”, or “Who can have a coach?” – The answer is simple. Everyone can have a coach, and many of us need it! It is also a viable financial alternative to a Psychologist.

The main difference is that coaches help you move forward with challenges, whereas a psychologist delves into your past to source the root of the issue, then works forward. Some need the assistance of a psychologist, while many just need encouragement and guidance, which is the role of a professional coach.

Benefits of having a coach are many. The primary benefit is the experience and training a coach can bring to the proverbial table to help guide you toward your goals. Secondly, a coach is un-biased, which means you can count on objective advice, which is ultimately in your best interest.

The love of coaching has been an affair I have had for 20 years. I feel fortunate that coaching has become widely recognized and a respected field, with avenues to reach a wide variety of people.

From trying to break a habit, to a career makeover, having a coach on-hand is simply in your best interest.

I am offering complimentary coaching, so why not get your feet wet and try it out? I am online from 8a to 10p PT via Don’t worry about the posted fee. Once we’re in our session, you will not pay a dime.

Thanks for reading.


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Out To Lunch – Fashionably Late

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Out To Lunch – Posts under this category are simply random thoughts about random things. From perspective to opinions, feel free to add your thoughts!

Not long ago, I was talking with someone who was running late to a small get-together with friends. When asked about this, the response was, “I plan to be fashionably late.”

I hadn’t heard the term in quite some time, likely due to the fact that I rarely attend events of any magnitude. I forgo making plans due to somewhat chronic migraine headaches, which prevent me from committing to much of anything without the likelihood of canceling.

The term, “fashionably late”, simply has me curious. Is being late… fashionable? The term wants to be an oxymoron, but doesn’t quite fit the bill. Is it a way to justify an inability or unwillingness to be on-time? It almost qualifies as “variable clutter”. If one is to be at dinner with a group of people is at 6:00p, then be at dinner at 6:00p. Yes? No?

I suppose it is all subjective.

Thanks for reading.


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New Client Special!

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I am offering a special incentive to new online clients, which guarantees a low lifetime rate of only $0.75 per minute! As my rates increase, yours will remain the same, no matter what.

Professional Coaching has never been so affordable, and in such uncertain times, why not take advantage of knowing you have a pro coach on your side.

I am typically available from 12:00p to 4:00a Pacific Time. Sessions always start as complimentary consultations to determine if I am able to help you, so it’s a win-win!

When you come visit me online, simply mention this post, and I will lock-in your guaranteed rate of only $0.75 per minute.

You can read more about my expert service here, and I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for reading.


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In Simple Terms – Email

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In Simple Terms – Posts under this category are ideas on how one might live more simply, with the concept of, “do less, live more”.

I have read several articles and posts about the usefulness of email and how to change your inbox to a zenbox, free of clutter and all that good stuff. I’m all for the zenbox concept, and I started by having only one!

Like many people, I had different email addresses for different uses. At one time I believe I had six email addresses, and it was a nightmare to keep track of it all. The obvious question became, “why do I need all these addresses?” – The answer was and still is, I don’t need them all. I need one.

It took a little bit of time, but I managed to pare down my accounts to just one, and it’s wonderful. I figured, despite all my entrepreneurial ventures, that at the end of the day, I was ultimately representing myself, so why do I need a special domain name or a clever pre-@ identity. I need to simply be me. Now that I have one email address, and one zenbox, I only need to go to one place to view, reply, etc. The next step I took was to simplify how I manage my mail.

From my inbox, there is only one other place my mail goes. Not two, not three, no decisions to make, they all go one place. After I have reviewed an email, it goes into an archive, plain and simple. I do not differentiate what the email is about or who it’s from. If I need to find it, I simply conduct a keyword search, and voila!

In Yahoo! Mail, I have one folder, that works similarly to GMail’s “archive” function. Directly from the email I am reviewing, or the several I have selected, I simply press “1”, and they are whisked away into my one folder. It’s awesome. Simple, clean, and efficient. So, let’s talk about accessibility.

Working toward an un-encumbered lifestyle, accessing email via the web, aka web-mail, is ideal. Having an actual email client installed on your computer is just difficult to manage and maintain. I believe that having too many options is not a good thing. The more customization you do with your email client’s functionality, the less compatible it will be in the long run. With web-mail, the interface and functionality is automatically updated, compatible, and backed-up! Nothing manual about it, and available from any Internet-enabled computer.

The bottom line is that email was meant as a form of communication, not something else to necessarily manage. So let’s communicate, with one email address, an archiving function, and via the web. Plain and simple.

Thanks for reading.


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Double Exposure –

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Double Exposure – Posts under this category are posts published by other authors on their blogs that I want to share with you, with of course a little commentary!

Banana Health – 10 Reasons Reasons You Need to Eat Them
Posted written by Joe

“Bananas! Perhaps my favorite fruit! Bananas are a cheap, easy to eat, nutritious food. Packed with healthy calories a banana is one of the most healthy and inexpensive foods in the supermarket. For that reason primarily I eat 3-6 bananas daily. There are however other reasons to eat bananas for food instead of their cheap cost.”

Read the full posts here.

In his post, Joe outlines a plethora of banana benefits! As abundant as they are, they are so often overlooked as one of the “super foods”, which I find amazing considering the immense benefits they offer.

For men especially, bananas are super important because of the naturally occurring potassium! Guys, our potassium requirement is higher than a woman’s, and supplemental potassium tablets are difficult for the body to absorb. So forget the “apple a day”, make it a banana instead!

Thank you for reading.


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